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Product: Bamboo cutting board 
Description: Our bamboo cutting board made from organic and naturally sterile bamboo fibres. Bamboo is naturally non-porous and resistant to bacteria. It's also very easy to clean. Unlike wooden cutting boards, the Bamboo Cutting Board doesn't absorb liquids easily and won't soak in food odours or stains making it less prone to cracking, warping and smelling. Non-toxic and FDA certified for use with food.
Bamboo cutting board will last longer than most low-quality chopping boards. Bamboo boards are lighter than most wooden boards, but extremely hard, durable, scratch resistant. It is dense enough for safe chopping, while soft enough to not cause knife damage.
Uses: Perfect for all your chopping and cutting needs in the kitchen. Stylish and versatile cutting board that will make a great addition to your kitchen. Helps keep food preparation hygienic and can also be used to present food to guests. Protects worktops from scratches, marks and overall protection for kitchen surfaces. Great gift idea for weddings, housewarming, retirement, birthdays and Christmas gifts for ALL kitchen enthusiasts.
Hand wash with warm soapy water and dry immediately. Do not leave to soak.

Bamboo cutting board set of 3

Small 20x15cm, thickness 1.5cm

Medium 28x22cm, thickness 1.5cm

Large 33x24cm, thickness 1.5cm