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Product: Bamboo tray


Description: Our bamboo tray made of 100% made of Vietnam bamboo construction contains no plastic or glass and is the ideal sustainable, biodegradable material. 100% food grade bamboo. This modern fruit server safe for your family and friends to enjoy in the coming time. This versatile, extra-large bamboo tray is doubtlessly sized for a wide range of usages for outdoor picnic, living room, dining room, mother’s day present or wedding and the same time, easy to clean and store. Use our bamboo tray and enjoy the natural taste, elegant warmly living quality of life.


Uses: It is perfect for gathering your veggies, your fruit from your garden and storing anything you want. Whether serving family, friends or just indulging yourself with a meal away from the table, this bamboo butler's tray is the classy choice for transporting food and drinks. Add this beauty to your existing collection, or it's pretty enough to be a stand-alone. Simply wash with warm, soapy water and a damp cloth to restore the original glossy bamboo fiber finish. Do not soak in water.