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Product : Bamboo straw

Description: Our organic bamboo wood drinking straws are innovative, biodegradable and eco friendly. Our straws are extremely strong and durable by nature, and contain NO inks or dyes. Not only do they look great, but they are practical too. They won't break when you drop them like glass straws and won’t pollute our planet like plastic straws.

Uses: This reusable straws are great for everyday use, picnics and more. Avoid soaking your straws for hours, bamboo becomes soft and might bend. We do not recommend placing the straws in the dishwasher.



Length: 20cm (standard), or 15cm, 18cm. 19cm or as client's request

Diameter (measured from inner diameter):

- Small: 4-6 mm (suitable for soft drinks)

- Medium: 7-10mm (perfect for smoothies)

- Large: 10-13cm (ideal for bubble tea)


* 3 options for packaging:

1. in cotton bags 

2. in kraft boxes

The number of bamboo straws in each set depends on client’s requirement

3. In carton boxes: 1000pcs, 2000pcs or 4000pcsper carton


We also provide :

1. Besides standard straws (20cm in length), we also provide short bamboo straws for cocktails (13-15cm) or big-diameter bamboo straws for drinking bubble tea

2. Logo engraving with minimum cost to make your straws different and unique

3. Bamboo straw cleaner brushes: we offer 2 types

- Eco-friendly straw cleaner with metal stick and coconut fiber bristles

- Traditional straw cleaner with metail stick and nylon fiber bristles