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Product: Conical leaf hat


Description: Vietnamese conical leaf hats have become an indispensable piece of clothing for Vietnamese women and a beautiful feature of Vietnamese culture. Images of conical leaf hats (Non la) have been attached to physical and spiritual life of Vietnamese people. They protect people against sunstroke and rain while they work in the field, peddle things at noon or go to the crowded market. Conical hats have gradually become a part in the mind of Vietnamese people and are used by all walks of life. Although time goes by, images of these hats stay attached to industrious mothers and create the typical feature of Vietnamese markets. In particular, conical hats are tied to the life of Vietnamese women. When wearing the hats, they look more charming and elegant.

Vietnam is an agricultural producing country. Because of its tropical monsoon climate, the country has much rainfall and sunlight. Vietnamese people began making hats from leaves to protect themselves from sun and rain a long time ago. That’s possible the reason why images of hats were carved on Ngoc Lu bronze drum or Dao Thinh bronze jar dated back to 2,500 – 3,000 years ago. The shape of conical hats has changed over the time.

People make conical leaf hats across Vietnam. However, their products have their own features due to different geographic conditions and customs of their locality.


Uses: This conical hat can be for multiple use, use it for blocking sun or rain or use it as a hand held fan when you need air, also can be used as a container that holding something light weight to carry around, it comes with the chin cord, note the chin cord have multiple color and the color of the chin cord will be randomly pick, the one you get might have the difference color then you see in the picture.