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Product: Basket and box


Description: Slippers shoes gift handmade water hyacinth is from 100% natural water hyacinth. An artisan carefully weaved these slippers by hand so they are super comfortable and light. Each one is a work of wearable art. Natural slippers are made from sun-dried water hyacinth with no chemicals, glues or other toxins that might be absorbed through your feet. They has been dried and woven so strong and durable so that they don’t hold on to dust other bits that can have regular fabric slippers looking and smelly not so nice. You get a totally natural and handmade slipper that allows you to walk comfortably on the earth while leaving no toxic or plastic footprint. In addition, we will create the size that you need.


Uses: We specialize in producing and supplying the wholesale of indoor slippers, hotel slippers, model slippers, spa slippers, resort slippers, restaurant slippers… Water hyacinth slippers, when brought into very smooth feet, stimulate the acupuncture points for foot cage. They will reduce the heel crack, foot pain, foot odor, foot fungus, have the ability to massage feet very well. As you know, feet are the place where many of the acupuncture points relate to our health. So do not leave this important place exposed to the floor will affect your health offline. Slippers handmade water hyacinth suitable for both men and women, children, the elderly.

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Care instruction:

Hand washing with mild detergent when it gets dirty. Dry them if wet. Avoid heat from fire and sunshine for too long.