Code : EF-064
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Product : Bamboo soap dish


Description: This soap dish is made from natural bamboo wood. It has a distinct character, and its elegant and minimalistic design fits nicely in any interior, adding a pleasant accent that keeps reminding of the beauty of nature every time you look at it. The grooves in the dish ensure that your soap lasts longer by allowing water to drain away after use. Another benefit of this beautiful wood is that it has little to no odor, so it won't contaminate any of the scented herbal soaps you place on it. Whether you're buying our draining soap dish for yourself or as a gift for family or friends, its unique and elegant style means it will look good wherever you put it, regardless of the decor, fixtures, or accessories you may have - in your bathroom or shower, by the kitchen sink, or even in a guest room.


Uses: They help keeping your soap dry in between uses. This soap dish will fit in with any decor in any room of your house, and will make a lovely and thoughtful gift for any friend or relative, who is fond of seaside and appreciates the beauty of natural materials.

We recommend using it with soaps only and wiping it off dry every now and then to extend its useful life.