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Product: Coconut shell candle



- Diameter of shell: Small: 9-11cm; Medium: 12-13 cm; Large: 14-15cm

- Height of shell: 4-5 cm or 5.5-6.5cm

- Volume of candle wax: 200-500ml

- Style: unscented or scented

- Available scents: lemongrass, jasmine, mint, rose, lavender, vanilla, green tea or as client's request

- Packaging: in carton boxes

- MOQ: 200 pcs per size and scent


More information:

Materials: vegetable candle wax, coconut shell, natural floral scents.

Candle wick: cotton or wood

Colors can be added upon client's requirements


Candle burn times

Time of burning: 40-130+ hours

Small - approximately 40+ hours

Medium - approximately 70+ hours

Large - approximately 130+ hours

Please note - the times above are based on comprehensive testing at 4 hour burn intervals. They are to be taken as a general guide only and will vary based on how you use the candles and the unique variations in their size.