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Product: Coconut shell/husk powder


Coconut Shell Flour is made from the most versatile part of the coconut – the shell which is organic in nature. Since it has good durability characteristics, high toughness and abrasion resistant properties, it is suitable for long standing use. The shell is similar to hard woods in chemical composition though lignin content is higher and cellulose content is lower.

To manufacture coconut shell flour, the shells of fully matured nuts are first cleaned of the adhering pithy matter and broken down into small pieces. These pieces are then subjected to repeated grinding in grinding mills and the ground mass, after passing through cyclones and vibratory sieves fitted with phosphor-bronze mesh, are finally drawn out in different mesh sizes.



Appearance: light brown fine powder

Moisture: 5% Max

Apparent Density: 0.6 to 0.7 g/cc

Ash Content: 2% Maximum

Sieve: 80-100 mesh

Loading capacity: 18 MTS/cont 20', 26 MTS/cont 40'

MOQ: 1xcont 20'