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Product: Coconut Coir Mats/ Compressed Coconut Fiber Sheets



Coconut coir mats allow moisture penetration to assist vegetation establishment while insulating the seed and root zones from extremes of heat.

Our premium coco grow mats are made from 100% natural coconut fibers designed to lie underneath media containers and can be easily cut to any size / shape will allow plant roots to grow through under the mats where moisture remains between flood cycles plant roots will flourish in this natural growing media used in hydroponics, microgreens, seed starters and also in cannabis can be easily cut to fit any size application and are designed to lay underneath baskets, slabs and cubes roots continue to grow under coco mats where moisture remains in a hydroponic tray between flood cycles protecting them from drying out.



- Width: 2.1m (maximum)

- Length: 10m per roll (standard size) or cut to size as client's requirements

- Standard size: 1mx10m

- Thickness: 3mm-10mm or as client's requirements


* Application:

* Growing microgreens: pre-cut mats available

* Paving roads



- Excellent for root growth

- Retains moisture

- Prevent drying of roots

- Excellent drainage