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Product: Lacquer coconut shell bowls


These beautifully handcrafted bowls are made from coconut shells from the uniquely tropical coconut tree found in abundance in Southeast Asia. The shells are essentially a bi-product (or waste) after their coconut oil, flesh and water has been extracted. Our artisans start by carefully selecting, cutting, cleaning and sanding the coconut shells. The outside surface is simply sanded down smoothly and varnished to reveal the beautiful and natural grain of the shell.  They are then each individually and meticulously hand-painted or decorated with mother-of-pearl (shell) segments to create unique and stunning designs. Finally, the inside design is coated with several coats of clear food-safe lacquer to give them their nice shine. The outer side of the coconut bowl is then finished with lacquer finish.

Being a natural product, each bowl is unique in shape but they are typically approximately 13cm in diameter and 6cm high. Each design motif comes in a variety of colors to suit every decorative environment in a home or office. Whilst the coconut bowls themselves are quite strong, we do not suggest that they are placed in the dishwasher. Simply hand-wash and dry them after use.


There is no limitation to their potential uses – they are certainly food friendly and water resistant and therefore ideally suited for serving food. Try serving snacks, salsa, chocolates or (my personal favorite) ice cream! But they are also great for holding keys or stationary or they can be used to float candles to accentuate their colors and lend ambiance to any room. Their striking color with a high-gloss shine will add a sparkle to any table.

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