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Product: Bamboo hand fan/ Palm leaf hand fan


Description: These fans are tightly and carefully handwoven by skillful artisans from Vietnam.They are 100 % hand crafted from bamboo wood, a natural and renewable resource, makes each piece unique. Comfortably hold the raffia hand fan by the secure handle to cool off during a hot day. Convenient and lightweight, suitable for adults and children alike. A practical favor that is handy as a desk fan.Low cost and cheap party. Oriental hand fans are ideal for church lovers, personal lovers, convenience lovers and decorative lovers. This is another option for folding hand fans, feather fans, paper fans, lace fans and sandalwood fans. Enough thick that you don't need to worry about it will be broken when using.


Uses: On a hot day, use a handle to gently hold the bamboo hand fan for cooling. The bamboo hand fan with natural color will well with multiple wedding design ideas. It is suitable for beach wedding, kids party, summer party, church, baptism party, birthday party, beach party decorations, funeral / graveside service and much more. It is also a performing props or party and be a beautifully gift choose for your family or friends.