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Product: Banneton basket


Description: Do you need all-natural, self-rising bread making basket to make fresh, delicious homemade bread free of additives? Then it’s time to get our Banneton basket designed to make European-quality handmade breads. Better fermentation, better crust.

Our banneton is a beautiful handmade using natural rattan. Made with love and care by artisans in Vietnam. Carefully crafted to always expose smooth surface. With sufficient dusting, dough will easily stay in shape as well as slipping out smoothly onto baking surface. Durable, easy to use and splinter free, rattan banneton baskets are the ones to get for those who care about quality.


Uses: Exquisitely designed to fit your baking needs, making it easy to achieve outstanding results of extraordinary and delicious bread. Our perfect brotform proofing basket helps your bread loaves keep their shape and structure through their final rise, thus making beautiful, tasty bread with definitely no splinters or chemical smell. Comes with bread proofing basket, liner cloth, dough scraper and bread lame. If you too have that one friend who loves handmade bread, then the sourdough starter kit is a great gift for them! Let your family and friends enjoy the art of creating a delicious and healthy bread that you can share.

It’s easy to clean, simply shake the excess flour out after each use, and if dough has stuck to it, wait till it dries, then use a stiff brush to take it off.