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Product: Rattan box


Description: Our box is made of high quality rattan that make this basket last a good long time. Rattan is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides, clear cutting, artificial irrigation or replanting. Smart design with lid, closes and opens easily with just one hand. And it is lightweight, easy to carry in case of need for moving. Perfect for children's supplies, college dorms, offices, closets, toys, and many other storage needs. Moreover, it can fit on shelves, under beds or on counter tops.


Uses: Multi-purpose: This basket is a great way to hide items in your home or closet, it keeps the space looking clean, tidy and organized. You can use it to stash away toys, books, blankets, towels and other items that you find cluttering up your home. Group several of it together for a dramatic change and yet totally functional look. In the playroom, create decorative kids storage where legos, books, and dolls have grey toy bins to call home. These baskets are lightweight, sturdy, and easy for kids to place on the floor to grab their favorite toy.

It is easy to clean, just wipe with a damp sponge or cloth or rinse directly with water. Do not soak in water.