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Product: Seagrass bolga basket


Description: The seagrass bolga baskets are handmade meticulously by Vietnamese artisans with natural and sustainable seagrass. Therefore, please keep in mind every basket is uniquely handwoven and differs slightly in design, shape and size. As an eco-friendly brand, we use seagrass as it is a natural resource with no harmful chemicals added. They are woven of natural grass. When young, the grass has more of a fresh spring green tint, resulting in light green variations after the grass has been harvested and dried. As the grass matures, it takes on a more golden tone. The basket you receive will include varying ranges of pale golden-green to a rich gold.


Uses: These baskets are traditionally used for carrying goods to and from the market. Moreover they also storage of papers, toys, odd and ends, craft supplies, clothing, blankets, etc. Wash it with running warm water over the entire basket. Let the water to soak in, making the basket very flexible, remove excess waste. Place the basket on a flat surface. Easily reshape your basket by roll it around and set into the desired shape. Then air dry.