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Product: Storage basket 


Description: Our storage basket is made of high quality water hyacinth that make this storage basket last a good long time. Seagrass is an incredibly durable material and it is a renewable resource which grows quickly and doesn’t require pesticides, clear cutting, artificial irrigation or replanting. Perfect alternative to wicker or plastic storage bins or boxes, as they hold and hide all sort of items while being decorative enough to compliment any room. There is no need to hide them away, leave them at the main door to hold your scarfs and hats or use them to declutter your living room. Perfect as a shoe basket too. If you are into the Boho, Farmhouse or Coastal decor these are perfect for you! This is a high-quality basket. Handmade of 100% seagrass, the rope construction and stitched-in handles are tightly woven for carrying heavy loads. And with no sharp edges like other toy boxes, that means your kids are safer and won’t get hurt. It will not tear and is impossible to pull apart. Smart design with stitched-in handles make our baskets highly portable, high utility and versatile. Move them from this room to that room easily. 


Uses: Perfect way to keep things organized in a stylish and decorative way. You can use them to store extra towels, sofa throws, organize your kid’s toys in the living room, pillows, firewood, or any other household items around the house, anything you can imagine! It keeps the space looking clean, tidy and organized. Group several of it together for a dramatic change and yet totally functional look. In the playroom, create decorative kids storage where legos, books, and dolls have grey toy bins to call home. These baskets are lightweight, sturdy, and easy for kids to place on the floor to grab their favorite toy. Choice of hand washing with mild detergent when it gets dirty and then sun dried. Do not worry, our baskets will not shrink and lose shape or size.