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Product: Water hyacinth bag


Description: Beautiful water hyacinth bag came from a kind of free-floating aquatic plant which has beautiful purple – violet flower, commonly known as name water hyacinth. If you’ve ever been travel in the Mekong Delta River once before, you probably saw a lovely picture of a long river filled up by beautiful green and purple color from this plant. I personally just love this look very much. Then, under the skillful hands of the workers, the advent hyacinth basket with many different styles, depending on the orders of the enterprise. then use their traditional craft skill to make beautiful bags, basket, furniture… When you hold in hand a product like this, I’m sure you not only would highly appreciate their beautiful skill, but also enjoy something else from the product, for example the smell of sun-dried straw from it.


Uses: Use water hyacinth bag as a shopping handbag. Perhaps this is the best use of water hyacinth handbag, do you find it the best shopping handbag you have ever seen? Color, especially its material will help you get the bag that everyone must look and praise. Additionally, unique and beautiful design bag is perfect for a date, cocktail wedding party, night out with family, friend, prom, banquet.Moreover, go to the beach with beautiful unique accessories, everyone like these bags with handle by a leather.


Care instruction: Dry them if wet. Avoid heat from fire and sunshine for too long.