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Product: Wooden gift box


Description: If you were looking for a quality gift box for your family and friends. Our wooden gift box is the best choice for you. This wooden pen box with first-class workmanship, material, and design. They provides ample storage and protection for your gift to keep it separated and scratch free.Upgraded hinge and elegant lock and key allows easy access to your valuable gift as well as increased security. The luxurious accents and fine craftsmanship make this product more classy and elegant.


Uses: This wooden box can keep makeups, cosmetics, rings and jewelries to be a gift for your family and friends. Easily wrapped or decorated. When you give your gift with this wooden box, your family and friends are going to love it. It will be memorable and unforgettable. The quality of product of handmade items from last 5 years.


Care instruction:

1. Wood products, can’t be directly boiled or boiled, easy to destroy the original structure, it is recommended to soak for 3-4 hours with salt water for the first time, and then normal cleaning. The cleaned product will have a rough feeling, which is normal. As the number of uses increases, the product will become smoother and smoother.

2. Wash the dishes and dry them in a dry place.

3. Do not use any high-temperature electrical appliances such as disinfection cabinets, microwave ovens, etc., should not be placed next to the heater, and should not be exposed to the sun to avoid deformation.